Aviator® H-VAC
Specification Information
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The Aviator® H-VAC is the perfect profile cutting solution for any job shop or manufacturer. Aviator® H-VAC includes a CNC control, unitized cutting table, plasma cutting system, pneumatic plasma height control with roller ball head and high speed drives. Base machine systems can be pre-configured with plasma systems from 60 amp to 150 amps. Thin gage sheet metal to 3/4" plate (19mm), Aviator® H-VAC can handle your plasma cutting jobs. An Optional Pneumatic Air Scribe may also be added for engraving bend lines or part numbers on the plate.

Aviator® H-VAC delivers productivity. The BurnyTM 1250 Plus microprocessor CNC control provides precision motion control for high-speed plasma cutting. Arc-off time between parts is extremely short because rapid traverse speed is always 750 IPM.

The Aviator® H-VAC's heavy-duty welded tubular steel frame supports the unitized 61" x 121" cutting table. Select either the air exhaust or water table design. An Optional second unitized table extension may be purchased with a new system or added later in the field.

Aviator® H-VAC's unitized frame ships completely assembled, so installation is quick and easy. The frame is leveled, cross beam set, tool carriage mounted and the cables routed. You will be cutting parts within hours.

Design2FAB layout software system includes: comprehensive libraries of round, rectangular, oval and combination fittings for applications in HVAC, Piping, Roofing, Industrial and other related industries. Design2FAB allows the manual layout person to create fitting patterns in seconds not hours. (Triangulation for manual layouts is also included). Have your entire job laid out faster than you could imagine and out to your customer or field the same day.

Simply click on a shape icon, enter your details and accessories for that fitting using pop down menus - which can be added to on the fly if necessary, enter dimensions and customize it to any shape, click the 3Dv view - spin it around - to see what you have made, click Save-- Its done! Now, click your pattern button to view your pattern(s) with connectors, seams, bend lines, shear blank and other information. Click Print and choose to print your pattern(s) or fabrication report. It's that simple. Enter an entire job, save to printout later, make edits to individual fittings or update any feature(s) globally for the entire job. Shows weight, square footage, scrap metal costs, material cost, labor and so much more. These files are exported via DXF (Direct Exchange Format) to MTC TurboNEST Automatic Nesting Software.

MTC TurboNest software:

MTC TurboNest Standard Software Program
TurboNest is a nesting system specifically designed for 2-axis profile cutting applications like Plasma and Oxy-Fuel. Features include:

  • Automatic Import of CNC and CAD geometry
  • "Drag-and-drop" interactive nesting
  • Part "Bumping"
  • Plate "Cropping"
  • Multi-torch Cutting
  • Shop and management reports, cost and production time estimates
  • Part arraying, part clustering

Fully integrated editing/movement of lead-in/out position and style is also included. Enhanced DNC serial communication is also included in this package.

Standard Features of the Aviator® H-VAC - 5' Cutting Width


  • Overall machine dimensions: 86"W x 166"L x 60"H (6' width 98"W x 166"L x 60"H)
  • Effective cutting area: 60" x 120" nominal (6' width 72" x 120" nominal)
  • Shipping weight with Pak Master 75 XL Plus : approx. 4,300 lbs. (6' width approx. 4,800 lbs.)
  • Positioning accuracy +/- .030" & repeatability +/- .015"
  • Input requirements (cutting machine): 115 VAC / 20 A. / 60 Hz.
  • Special Note: Plasma incoming voltage will be determined by customer's incoming voltage in their shop and the plasma unit ordered.


  • Master and Slave Tucked Rail Design
  • Unitized cutting table
  • Air exhaust down draft table (less exhaust system)
  • 15 lbs. per Ft. flame hardened (52c Rockwell) master rail
  • Optional second table available (adds second 60" x 120" cutting area. Additional cost)
  • Base systems configured with a Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 75 XL Plus, 35 - 60 amp output air or nitrogen cutting system with 50' torch leads
    Optional Plasma Systems - (Choose only one at an additional cost)
  • Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 100 XL Plus (40 - 80 amps)
  • Thermal Dynamics Pak Master150 XL (35 - 120 amps)
  • Thermal Dynamics Merlin 1000 (30 - 100 amps)
  • Thermal Dynamics Merlin 15XC (50 - 150 amps)
  • Burny™ 1250 Plus SERVOPAK CNC controller and PWM drive amplifiers
  • Coordinate drive microprocessor CNC control
  • Powerful PWM 120 watt DC drive amplifiers
  • Dual range 0-75 / 0- 750 IPM drive package
  • RS 232/422 Serial Port
  • 53 standard shape library
  • 512K memory standard
  • Cable carriers
  • Flexible cable carriers for cross axis torch leads and control cables
  • Flexible cable carrier for cables/hoses on main rail travel