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Phantom Is Here!
The BURNY® 10 LCD Plus has taken the next step in PC-based shape-cutting motion control! Larger view and more information...
Fabrication Automation has retrofitted HPR800 onto a machine with Phantom controller - the 1st one in the United States ROBERTS COMPANY in Winterville, NC. Click to view photos...

The HPR800XD extends the versatility of HyPerformance Plasma to provide the most expansive process range and thickest stainless steel and aluminum cutting capacity available on the market.
View these HPR800XD videos from Hypertherm

New Shape Cutting and Laser Machines

Fabrication Automation offers a comprehensive line of new Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Shape Cutting Machines ranging from simple Photo-Optic Cantilevers to "state of the art" CNC Gantrys with multiple process tools including contour bevelers. We, also, offer Laser Cutting systems ranging from low wattage (low cost) entry level systems, to very large 6000 watt plate cutting systems that can even bevel your parts.

Cutting Systems

Plasma Systems

5X10 Series 5
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Heavy duty end truck assembly
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Retrofits For Shape Cutting Machines:

We offer a complete retrofit service ranging from simple control and/or drive replacement, to full on-site electro-mechanical rebuilds.  Components we can address include CNC's, Drive Packages, Process Stations, Plasma Systems, Cutting Torches, and related products.

New Components...

... put on used machines!

Latest technology Burny 10LCD
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CMC Burny 10LCD
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Used Shape Cutting Machines:

We buy and sell used Shape Cutting Machines and often have a used or reconditioned machine that might fit the needs of a customer who cannot justify new equipment.


Part Programming and Nesting Software:

We offer the fines software products available for programming Shape Cutting Machines.  Whether your need is a basic postprocessor to create a piecepart NC code file, or you desire advanced nesting and materials management capabilities, we can help.

Click here for a Slideshow of our Retrofitting Process