The Torchmate® product line of automated plasma cutting tables encompasses a broad scope of machines: from their entry-level CNC machines, to our industrial plasma cutting tables, and everything in between. Visit their website

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ARC Cutting Industries

Take your shop production to the next level with ARC’s Arc Cut Pro Series burn tables. Their plasma cutting machines combine an advanced controller with an industrial quality platform to create a table unlike any other. Visit their Website

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Thermal Dynamics

Thermal Dynamics invented the modern plasma electrode, created the lightweight manual plasma cutter category and redefined high-precision productivity. Visit their website here

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Jetline – Miller Welding

Jetline is the brand of automated seam/circumferential welding systems that offers flexible solutions, maximizing productivity for high-integrity welds. Visit their website here

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ALLtra Corp.

ALLtra cutting and welding systems deliver innovative features coupled with the latest technologies for plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet or automated welding applications Visit their website

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