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PC based CNC plasma, laser, and waterjet machines are at the core of our business. We sell new and used plate cutting equipment. Fabrication Automation, LLC is a distributor of and service station for Alltra Corp, Bend-Tech, BURNY Kaliburn Lincoln Electric Co, HK Laser & Systems, Hypertherm, Profile Cutting Systems, PythonX, Torchmate, Vernon Tool, Vicon, and WARDJet. Our product offering is quite comprehensive, but we concentrate in the areas of cutting shapes out of plate, structural steel, tube, and pipe, which increases productivity and automation. We are also a distributor of Jetline Engineering products as well as the Miller Copilot cobot for all your automated welding needs.

CNC metal cutting tools for plate and sheet metal processing are our specialty.

We offer considerable experience and proven solutions in the following areas:

  • New Shape Cutting Systems utilizing Plasma Arcs and/or Flame Cutting Torches, specified after careful consideration of customers short term and long-term goals.
  • New Precision Plasma Cutting Systems utilizing the “HyDefinition Plasma” process.
  • New Laser Powered Plate and Sheet Processing Systems. Retrofit Drives, Tracers, and Computer Numeric Controls (CNC) for existing Shape Cutting Machines.
  • High productivity Plasma Cutting Retrofits for existing Shape Cutting Machines. After sale warranty support on products specified and sold.
  • Software Solutions for Shape Cutting Machine programming, costing, inventory, job tracking and productivity enhancement.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of most brands of Shape Cutting Machines and accessories.
  • Consulting to improve efficiency and throughput

Plasma cutter, CNC metal cutting tools and other products offered:

  • Plasma & Flame Cutting Machines
  • Plate Cutting Lasers
  • Waterjets
  • Structural Steel Beam Lines
  • Tube & Pipe Cutting Equipment
  • Automated Welding
  • Control & Drive Retrofits
  • Plasma Retrofits
  • Program & Nesting Software
  • Plasma Consumables


If you cut plate or sheet metal into shapes or would like to in the future, Fabrication Automation is a company you should know! We would be pleased to offer you a list of both Supplier and Customer references. We have an excellent reputation with both groups. If we can be of service now, please call or e-mail us. We are committed to serving you, and ready to be put to the test.

We believe that selling is not an end result, it is a beginning. It starts our service, support, and long relationship with each customer. Many companies say those same words yet at Fabrication Automation we do not want to say it, we want to prove it.

Part Programming and Nesting Software

We offer the finest software products available for programming Shape Cutting Machines. Whether your need is a basic postprocessor to create a piece part NC code file, or you desire advanced nesting and materials management capabilities, we can help.

Plate Cutting

PC based CNC plasma, oxy fuel, laser, and waterjet cutting solutions for processing steel plate.

Structural Steel

Beam line with a robotic cell and a high-definition plasma for processing structural steel.

Tube / Pipe

PC based CNC plasma and laser solutions for cutting steel tube, pipe, angle, and channel.

Welding Solutions

Robotic and fixed automated welding equipment.

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Fabrication Automation specializes in new and used equipment, accessories and consumables. We take pride in the fact that all the products we offer are made in the USA. We strive to exceed customer’s expectations. We service all the equipment we sell. We prefer to take the machine from the cradle to the grave. We do this with honesty and integrity.

Our headquarters are in Concord, NC, just outside of Charlotte. Our sales and service support covers the Southeast: North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Northern Florida.