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Structural Steel


Fabrication Automation has expanded its longtime partnership with Lincoln Electric and is proud to offer the PythonX Structural and PythonX SPG as a solution to our customers who process structural steel. With the ability to cut bolt holes, slotted holes, coping, web trims, plasma marking, flange notches, miter cuts, and more. These machines will increase your productivity and allow you to bid on jobs you never could do before or have been paying someone else to do for you. What once took hours to do manually can now be done in minutes. In structural steel fabrication, the lowest cost per ton producer usually wins. If you’re paying the same as your competitor for steel and labor the solution is to become more efficient with your time. Saving time is precisely what PythonX products can do for your shop.

Lincoln Electric

PythonX Plate

Plate Cutting

PC based CNC plasma, oxy fuel, laser, and waterjet cutting solutions for processing steel plate.

Structural Steel

Beam line with a robotic cell and a high-definition plasma for processing structural steel.

Tube / Pipe

PC based CNC plasma and laser solutions for cutting steel tube, pipe, angle, and channel.

Welding Solutions

Robotic and fixed automated welding equipment.

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Fabrication Automation specializes in new and used equipment, accessories and consumables. We take pride in the fact that all the products we offer are made in the USA. We strive to exceed customer’s expectations. We service all the equipment we sell. We prefer to take the machine from the cradle to the grave. We do this with honesty and integrity.

Our headquarters are in Concord, NC, just outside of Charlotte. Our sales and service support covers the Southeast: North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Northern Florida.